Banshee Tree | 2019-02-01 | Your Mom’s House, Denver, CO [SBD/AUD Matrix]

Are ghosts angry with you? Are you finding yourself constantly in the company of crows? We have the life force to heal you… its Banshee Tree headlining Your Mom’s House!

Banshee Tree never fails to impress me. From the first time I caught them opening up for Flash Mountain Flood at The Fox, I was immediately drawn to their blend of gypsy-swing, incorporating elements of electronica and varying shades of psychedelia. The second time I caught them, they were equally as talented and played a few more songs that further roused my interest in their writing. Third time is the charm as I finally was able to catch a full headlining set, and as always, the band did not disappoint. Given the set length that comes with a headlining show, Banshee Tree was able to show-off their ability to jam in depths that I had not previously been able to appreciate. Now able to stretch out a bit, the band took several journeys with their tunes that featured stirring solos from the entire band.

Starting off the last set of the evening, the band played “It Aint Right”, a classic swing-style rock tune, which featured impressive lead work and exhibited their knack for classic songwriting styles. Next up the band performed the title track off their 2017 album “In The Company Of Crows”. The song blends classic folk structures with a dub-like vocal execution that gives the song a vibrant character, and the result is one of the band’s most accessible tunes. The band then launched into an instrumental called “Make It Rain”, which once again featured the band’s signature swing style interlaced this time with a jazzier approach. The band then followed with an original called “On The Inside”, which is another incredibly accessible tune with an infectious main riff. The jam contained an especially peak-filled lead, driven by tensive violin strokes. The band’s jamming style has a unique voice, which is difficult to develop in a scene a bit saturated by wah-pedal funk jams.

The high-energy continued as the band then performed “The Dog’s Mind”, which contained whirling guitar lines over a short novel of words before finding itself in a trancey jam that built several peak moments and had one of the most intense crowd reactions of the evening, as the fully engaged audience urged the jam on, hooting and hollering and dancing up a storm. Contrasting the intensity of “The Dog’s Mind”, the band followed-up with a laid-back tune called “Look High Over The Mountains”. The tune had the acoustic-reggae sensibilities of a Trevor Hall song and again worked to serve another side of the band’s sonic catalogue.

Afterward, the band launched into what would be their first big jam of the night in “Spare Me”. The galloping verses are a constantly building tension storm that coalesce with a poignant chorus. The jam is no different, a whirlwind of trance-drum rhythms, spun together by dueling violin and guitar tones over thumpy bass lines that, once locked-in, create this perfect storm of sound that makes up Banshee Tree.

After a compelling take on their tune “Hard Wins”, which again featured some incredibly fervent guitar work, the band went into what would end being the second big jam of the night, “Life Force”. At times, this song featured what seemed like an almost industrial segment, before melting into a steel drum and jazz-guitar-driven downtempo jam. The next two songs also contained big jams, “Low High” and “Moth”, both reaching big heights and pushing the limits of the band’s sound, as well as their grasp of tension-release. The set then closed with “Dark Eyes”, a traditional Russian folk song that fits right in with the rest of the band’s repetoire. Half of the lyrics were in Russian, but that didn’t stop the crowd from doing their best hopak impressions. The encore featured one of the most technically compelling musical moments of the evening, as the band took on the Robert Johnson original “Come On In My Kitchen”. The number gave way to passionate lead work from the entire group, and provided a punctuated ending to a big night of music.

Banshee Tree is a shot of gypsy-absinthe-originality in just about every aspect of their sound. From their compositions to their improvisational moments, the band has found a strong personality that leaks into every crevice of their foundation’s mold, a personality which was on full display for their headlining set at Your Mom’s House. Another great set from a band constantly elevating their sound and live show. Enjoy!

Banshee Tree | 2019-02-01 | Your Mom’s House, Denver, CO

-= One Set =-
01. It Aint Right
02. In The Company Of Crows[1]
03. Make It Rain
04. On The Inside
05. The Dog’s Mind
06. Look High Over The Mountain
07. Spare Me
08. Hard Winds
09. Life Force
10. Low High[2]
11. Moth
12. Dark Eyes

-= Encore =-

13. (Encore Break)
14. Come On In My Kitchen (Robert Johnson cover)[3]

Show Notes: This was a headlining show at Your Mom’s House. Leibermonster opened the show followed by Morsel.
[1] “In The Company Of Crows” contained “Rivertrance” (String Cheese Incident) teases.
[2] “Low High” contained “Imperial March Theme” and “Cantina Theme” jams.
[3] “Come Into My Kitchen” contained “Come Down” (Anderson.Paak) teases.

Taper Notes: FOB DFC Mics raised around 8′ PAS.

Thank you to Banshee Tree and @Your Mom’s House for supporting live audio recording/trading. Go see live music and tip your bartenders! #spacetapes


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