Goose | 2019-02-02 | The Bluebird Theater, Denver, CO [AUD]

Are you saying Goose or Goo-urns? – I’m saying check out Goose performing for the first time at The Bluebird Theater!

Opening things up in support of Cycles‘ first time headlining the venue, Goose treated Denver to a set of original music and a novelty classic which, for lack of a better pun, warmed up the crowd appropriately.

The band started off with their original “Madhuvan”, an upbeat rock tune with a catchy chorus that had no problem setting sail on an equally buoyant jam. As the band embarked on their first improv moment of the evening, they felt incredibly locked-in, drifting through a blissful segment that slowly built tempo on the back of an ever-flowing guitar lead that found its peak several times. Next up the band performed “Butter Rum”, evoking images of island beaches, in stark contrast to the freezing temperatures outside, which was a theme they would revisit later in their set. Afterwards, the band performed “All I Need”, which provided another jam vehicle for the band to ride on, this time opting for a more jamtronica-tinted outing, once again, driven by a gripping guitar lead that traversed its various peaks with ease.

Taking us once again out of our wintry surroundings, Goose kicked into Dexter Poindexter’s “Hot, Hot, Hot”, one of the best beach songs originally sung by one of the best stage names in show business. The cover was true to form with just enough rocking lead to give it a slightly jammy feel, and it was incredibly well received by the crowd. The band then played “Lights”, which had the structure of an indie rock tune, with a melody driven primarily by a synth riff and vocoded chorus. Again, the band shows an accessible writing style which draws from several rock influences, all rounded out with more impressive lead licks. The set then closed out with a take on “Hot Tea” which featured some impressive keys work that shaped a large bulk of the jam, adding another weapon to Goose’s impressive arsenal and providing the crowd one final epic peak-filled outing to finish their set.

Goose | 2019-02-02 | The Bluebird Theater, Denver, CO

-= One Set =-
01. Madhuvan
02. Butter Rum
03. All I Need
04. Hot, Hot, Hot (Buster Poindexter cover)
05. Lights
06. Hot Tea

Show Notes: This was a set performed in support of Cycles who headlined the evening. Spyscraper performed after Goose followed by Cycles.

Taper Notes: FOB DFC Mics raised around 8′ PAS.


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