Jessica Jones Project | 2019-04-04 | Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox, Denver, CO [SBD/AUD Matrix]

#spacetapes will always be there for you, because that’s what real tapers do! Check out The Jessica Jones Project headlining at Ophelia’s!

I’ve become a broken record when it comes to the constant praise I heap on the stellar quality and quantity of live music available on any given night in Denver, however it is worth saying again…the Denver live music scene is incredible. On any given Thursday, you can get a top-notch dining experience followed by some incredibly talented local musical acts, sometimes both in the same building! This was the case last Thursday when the Jessica Jones Project treated gastro-brothel patrons to a night of tunes featuring some of Denver’s best local musicians.

The night started with a unique DJ set by Jordan Polovina that mixed elements of EDM, hip-hop, trip-hop and even classical with the occasional cello solo from Jordan himself. Grim&Darling vocalist Jessica Raskin loaned her talent to a couple of tracks, giving a soft, yet stoically powerful tonality to help the songs bloom.

Jordan eventually invited up the lady-of-the-hour, Jessica Jones, to perform some songs off their new side-project titled Little Blu Baggie. The sound blends elements of dream-pop and trip-hop, resulting in beautifully avant-garde melodies painted onto a canvas of thick beats and ethereal vocals. Jordan’s beats drive the songs with a broad palate of scattered EDM, IDM, downtempo, and dubstep ideas that when framed with Jessica’s vocal prowess give the songs a trancelike focus. Jessica’s clever use of vocal effects adds to the experimental nature of the product but never feels forced or out of place. Quite the contrary, each effect adds a new layer of personality to each song, ranging from fiercely prevalent, such as in “Oh My God” and “Big Bells Pony”, to subtly accenting the beat, such as in “Big Slow”. The set was an intriguing project that I hope we get to see/hear more of in the future.

After a short break, it was time for the main event, The Jessica Jones Project. The band came out the gate swinging with a cover of Supergrass’ “Condition” that was absolutely dripping with funk and soul. I swear, when Jessica Jones is at peak wail, I have an uncontrollable urge to shimmy. It would “probably” never happen in public, but just know, I’m shimmying right now as I type / re-listen to this. The exalted vibe would carry-on throughout the set, through the smooth and sultry cover of Childish Gambino’s “Redbone”, to the high-octane take on The Talking Heads’ “Crosseyed And Painless”, Jessica Jones and The Project were harmoniously in-sync.

Early in the set, when it was time to play the first original of the night, it was revealed that the group had recorded an album of original material under the moniker ChromaDonna. Jessica Jones staples such as “Forever Friend”, “Weight Of The World”, and “Home By Dawn” were included in the studio release, finally gracing us with polished versions of each. Jessica’s unique style really shines through in these well-produced, high quality-recordings; the night’s set ultimately revolved around five of these original tunes, which were the highlights of the evening. If you dig this show, check out the new record!

Whether Little Blu Baggie, The Jessica Jones Project, or ChromaDonna, if music moves you, there is something here for you. Jessica Jones performs with such passion and vigor, it’s difficult not to be stricken by her command of any song she is a part of. She’s a cornerstone of the Denver live music scene and another example of what makes us so lucky to live in this city.

The Jessica Jones Project | 2019-04-04 | Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox, Denver, CO

-= Jordan Polovina DJ Set =-
01. (Intro)
02. String Intro[1]
03. Grunge Sheeran
04. Reggae Dub
05. Hard Guit
06. Dubstep Mama
07. Slow Vox
08. Banjo Beat
09. Pure Beauty
10. Lynn Hair Did

-= Little Blu Baggie Set =-
11. String
12. EDM #2
13. Spanish D&B
14. Old Scoo
15. Trumpet Jazz
16. Big Slow
17. Oh My God
18. The Edge (Red)
19. Big Bells Pony[2]

-= Jessica Jones Project Set =-
20. (Jessica Jones Project Intro)
21. Condition (Supergrass cover)
22. Redbone (Childish Gambino cover)
23. (Banter)
24. Home By Dawn
25. Crosseyed And Painless (Talking Heads cover)
26. Forever Friend
27. (Banter II)
28. Bum Bum (Sister Nancy cover)[3]
29. You Dropped A Bomb On Me
30. (Banter III)
31. She Steals You
32. Weight Of The World
33. Sweet Leaf (Black Sabbath cover)
34. People Make The World Go Round (The Stylistics cover)[4]
35. Them Changes (Thundercat cover)[5]
36. (Banter IV)
37. Cold Sweat (James Brown cover)
38. Figure Me Out

-= Lineup =-

Jessica Jones on vocals
James Dumm on guitar
Jiho Han on bass
Will Trask on drums 
Jonas Schultz on keys
Zach Simms on saxophone

Show Notes: This was a headlining set at Ophelia’s. Jordan Polovina and Little Blu Baggie opened the show.
[1] “String Intro” and “Lynn Hair Did” featured Jessica Raskin (Grim&Darling) on vocals.
[2] “Big Bells Pony” featured Zachary Simms (MLIMA) on saxophone.
[3] “Bum Bum” featured Khalil Simon (Brothers Of Brass) on trombone and Matt Flaherty (Part & Parcel) on guitar
[4] “People Make The World Go Round” featured DJ Williams (Shots Fired) on guitar.
[5] “Them Changes” featured Kowan Turner (Tiger Party) on drums.

Taper Notes: FOB DFC Mics raised around 8′ PAS. Thanks to Will for the board patch!


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